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We supply and install quality systems, designed to suit every budget and offering many years of trouble free operation.

Systems can comprise colour Day/Night cameras for indoor or outdoor applications incorporating standard analogue video recording facilities or the latest digital (HD or IP) cameras and digital recording technology.

We can offer a comprehensive demonstration of this equipment. This way you can actually see the quality of what you are buying, rather than just looking at a brochure.

State of the art digital camera surveillance & recording systems.

No longer do you need to worry about changing tapes, viewing endless hours of recorded images, or declining image quality. Now you can capture large amounts of high quality video images that can be easily sorted, archived and browsed.

Digital data storage via a personal computer allows precise control of each camera, quick access to recorded images and automatic event logging.

These systems are so advanced that for example, camera images can be transmitted to your home, another City within the UK, or around the World, over Broadband, PC networks, the Internet and Smartphones.

User friendly and surprisingly low cost, digital camera systems offer a huge advantage to anyone wanting a simple but innovative surveillance & recording solution.

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